Permission for Creating a New Questionnaire

We have had made a few questionnaires templates but it appears that only users with Admin privileges can create a new questionnaire from the Encounter screen. Is there a way to allow an user with Clinician privilege to do that? I’ve been playing with it, but it appears that when the non-admin tries to create a new questionnaire, the following error appears: “New Questionnaire Not Authorized”. I could not find an option for Questionnaires in the ACL but I might have overlook it. Thank you for your insight!

Hi @ninjatx -

Let me give you the long answer with pictures; apologies if you already know most of this.

Questionnaires are offered from the ‘New Questionnaire’ form which, if you go on the main menu to ‘Admin’/ Forms/ Forms Administration’, you’ll see is activated by default.

Click the dropdown in the right column 'Access Control ’ and see that the ‘Administration/ Forms Administration’ ACL controls it. It would appear that the form’s controlling ACL could be changed here, but I’m not experienced enough in the side effects of ACL modifications to recommend that.

So- knowing the ACL, on the main menu go to ‘Admin/ ACL’, open the section ‘Groups and Access Controls’.
Select the group ‘Clinicians-Write’ (arrow below)

Highlight the ‘Forms Administration’ ACL in the Inactive window, click the double arrow (oval) to move it left to the Active window.

Now whenever a Clinician pulls up a patient’s encounter they will see ‘Questionnaires’ on the encounter menu.

Hope that works for you!
Best- Harley


It works great for me. Thank you so much for your help!!