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Pediatricians need also WHO charts for growth indices

Thank you for this fascinating open source software.

I am a general pediatrician in Afghanistan and I am very glad to have your software available.

The charts used in the measurement of growth indices in developing countries are somewhat different from the United States. In the “Vital” section of OpenEMR, there is only CDC option which is USA’s. Is it possible to include WHO indices also. Visit kindly this page.

As a matter of fact there are not only the growth indices that are necessary but also other nomograms such as blood pressure’s, growth rates, and etc that have their specific values in the developing world. Including these into this software makes it more fascinating, I think.

Kind regards


Bad news is you are correct. Each country and each specialty has different needs for vitals but standard form caters many of the primary care practices. You have to imagine an opthal practice measuring waist circumference of all patients! So settings offer to suppress those choices. It does not offer to include other fields.

Now for the good news :

  1. Use Globals -> Forms Admin and disable vitals.
  2. Use Globals -> Layouts and build a layout called Vitals (you will have to start with lbfVitals).
  3. Add all the groups and fields you would like to see in your practice.
  4. Your vitals form will now be available under layout menu and not as clinical.

Not the perfect match but hope it works for you.


Thank you for your reply. Using OpenEMR Demo, I disabled Vitals and then tried to make a new layout called lbfVitals following this path Administration/ Layouts; but it gave me error “Invalid ID”. Would you mind helping me, please?
In fact my favorite layout is one showing for example:
In the specific patient’s page

Body Wight (kg)
Weight Percentiles
Length (cm)
Length Percentiles
Weight for Length Percentiles
Head Circumference (cm)
Head Circumference Percentiles
Blood Pressure.
Blood Pressure Percentiles

and so on.
Would you mind helping me please how to produce such layout?

My mistake. As it says, the layout should be LBFxxxx. You can call xxx as anything because only the Title in next field will be visible. There is nothing special about word Vitals in layouts. You can call it anything you would like to see on the printed report you may end up generating later.

Based on your list, you could even have layout that shows % boxes next to related field.
Length (cm): [Inputbox for length] [Inputbox for length%]
Just define 2 field with no label text and enter 0 for label columns for that field.
Unfortunately without bit of programming layout will not do any calculations for you. But you get flexibility of multiple variations e.g. male vitals, female vitals etc.

Trying to make a new layout. In the Layout Properties, in the Layout ID I typed “LBF”, or “BloodPressure”, or “LBFBloodpressure” or just “lbf”. And in the title box I entered “Bloodpressure”. None of them above worked. All ended in “Invalid ID” error.

Not sure what you are doing but here are screen captures from demo.

New layout setup


Used in encounter


Thank you very much. I succeeded lastly