Payment Allocation Problems

In previous versions (prior to 6.0.0), after entering appropriate dates, methods and entities under “Batch Payments” and then clicking “Allocate”, one could enter a payment value under “Payments” and then click on “Finish Payments”, at which point you would be returned to a screen that showed the results of the transaction. We’re still returned to the same screen, but the distribution table now has no entries, thereby making it difficult for staff to check that everything is OK. It appears that the data is entered correctly into the database tables, it just doesn’t show up on the screen. I’ve poked around in the various files in interface/billing but have so far come to naught. Any thoughts?

For those who care, uncommenting lines 98 and 99 (which were newly commented out as being of no use in the 6.0.0 upgrade) in interface/billing/new_payment.php appears to resolve this problem. Be aware, however, that I have not exhaustively tested this to ensure that it doesn’t introduce other gremlins, although I can’t see why it would.


I patched that out however, i’m not entirely sure why now. Please keep a close eye out for next few days and i’ll also take another look.
Let me know after a few days and i’ll put in first patch for 6.0

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For the life of me I can’t figure out why the redirect was patched out. I may have been testing thus, the todo. It is not in my bug fixes for 5.0.2 I brought forward to v6 or it interrupted workflow for new payments somehow.

Still, i’m going to put back in patch 1 and hope it doesn’t bite me later…

I still don’t trust this redirect!
Fix a few other issues and removed the “Do you want to Allocate” confirm after Allocate button click.
For v6(1).