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Patient reminder mail

Please. Can someone send notification mail to patients about an appointment or event?
I have followed this guide;
Then in admin / patient reminders / process reminders, the patients_reminders table is always empty
In demographics it is active to allow email.
In Global / notification the parameters are fine.
The cron is running.
Please help

CentOS Linux release 8.3.2011, Apache / 2.4.37, PHP 7.4.13
Also test on Windows / Xampp

Thank you so much

I would make sure that the settings are correct in admin. I would then test it by

  1. back up your patient_data table. In order for patients to receive email reminders, they will need to have the HIPPA permissions in Edit Patient set to “YES”

  2. After you back up your patient data table, set all patient permissions to NO. Then with your test patients, set the one or few to YES.

  3. Set appointments for the following day for your test patients.

  4. Run the cron job and look in (for Linux) /var/log/apache2/error.log. This should tell you if you have any issues with file permissions or required files that are called by the cron job.

This process is what I use when testing the sms module I created.

When you are done with testing, make sure to re-import the patient_data table that you backed up. When you re-import the backup, you should have all your permissions correct.

Thank you very much for answering Daniel. I did the tests you suggested, but everything remains the same. The logs do not give me any permission errors or others.
It is not written to the patient_reminders table.

Tank You

Are your settings in Administration -> Globals matching the credentials you need to send emails?

Thank you. If I have well configured. The patient_reminders table is not populated