Patient payments and forms

What payment platforms are integrated with Open EMR ? Can you use anyone you choose ? For example, do they except PayPal vs. Square ?

Forms- what forms are available to you and are the templates already apart of the system. Can you add your own logo to these forms? Example patient registration forms and can that information be automatically imported into the system?

Hi @Lonnie_Jones,

I have implemented the square up payment for one of my client. If you want to use any other please let me know I add that code as well.

Yes you can add your own logo into the forms. You can customize your form as you wants.


Great !! Thank you for your help. We were actually looking at square that will be perfect. If we choose something else, we will definitely let you know! Have a great day.

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Hi @Lonnie_Jones-
As Admin go to Administration/ Other/ Forms and take a look.
It’s explained in the wiki doc:

Generally speaking external data can’t be automatically imported into a form; it’d take some significant custom coding to do that.

Templates and logo:
orig post re: templates

Discussion of updates to the templates including custom images

Link to wiki docs on the new template functionality

Hope that’s helpful- Harley

Where would the setting be to enable to square up option for payments?