Patient ID or the User ID on the smart app lunch

from the parameter passed to smart app when the patient lunch the app, there is no enough detail or rather is not clear what was passed. please can someone explain to me what those parameters are? and also is it possible to get the patient ID or particular user the lunch the app

Are you talking about the standalone launch? Or are you talking about the in EHR launch? The user making the request comes back when you request the fhirUser scope.

Yes I mean the launch created though the API Clients

So I was thinking If there is a way to get id of patient that click on the Launch Button. if it is not like I was thinking, what other way can I use to identify the patient that is using the app through smart launch?. thank you sir.

The patient uuid that is selected in the EHR comes back in ‘patient’ key in the server response to your smart app when you get your authorization token. It also populates the currently selected encounter if one is selected as well.

yes I got this, thanks