Patching a component?

(Rod Roark) #1

As we are not including the vendor directory contents in the repo, what does one do when a component needs a patch that is not yet released? In particular I need this fix for some work that I’m doing:


(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @sunsetsystems ,
In theory, this could be fixed in a 5.0.2 patch (just need to ensure that the file that is included in the patch is the same version of that package in 5.0.2). For the development codebase, best thing would be for the upstream package to fix it and then use that new version (as I recall that package releases versions pretty quickly, so guessing a version with the fix will be out soon).

(Jerry P) #3

Hi Rod, @sunsetsystems
I’m getting ready to create v5.0.2 patch(2). Was/is this wanted there?
I may be able to do this for patch with hope vendor releases fix soon for build.
Most likely would need to create an archive of patched version and place in one of our repos until vendor catches up
Are we sure there’s not another way?

(Rod Roark) #4

Thanks guys. I was going to port some work to the master branch… dunno if this matters for 5.0.2 but couldn’t hurt to include it in the patch. It’s generally of interest when you write a .xlsx spreadsheet and then read it with LibreOffice.