Part of patient GUI dissappears then reappears after lo/li

One of our providers is having this problem. It seems to only affect one of them. This provider is affected on multiple computers. Other users that use the same computers don’t have this problem.

The problem is, when they open a patient, the drop down at the top, that lets them select an encounter is missing. Additionally the icon on the far right that indicates if they have unread messages is also missing. The provider can logout then log back in and everything is back to normal for a while. Then it’s gone again.

I’ve looked to see if there are any “options” that allow for that to be “not displayed” but i can’t find any. Also, I’ve check pressed various fn keys and other keys (like between the number pad) to make sure the provider isn’t just pressing a wrong button that is causing this. I’ve checked the apache logs for the time periods where this is reported happening and there isn’t anything there other than some warnings that are usually there.

The problem can happen multiple times in one day and then go weeks without happening again. The providers use the “encounter select” with every patient so I understand why the provider get’s tired of logging out and then back in.

Any help is appreciated.

OpenEmr v 7.0(2)
Ubuntu 22.04

hi @bearzillasquatch , is the provider first using the patient button in the billing manager?

Screenshot from 2023-06-19 09-36-10

noticing that it’s calling the encounters script twice and will post a fix for it soon

@stephenwaite She says that she is clicking the patient name in the calendar. That is how she gets to the patients record. I’m fairly certain that all the other providers are doing the same.