OpenERM 5.0.2 - Site ID is missing from session data!


(Diego Flores) #1

Hi everyone, I’m using OpenERM 5.0.2 on iPage hosting provider with PHP Version 7.3.2.
After install, when try to login, the site print the follow error: Site ID is missing from session data!.
I can’t even access the system startup, I only get to the login

To fix it try:

  • Try with many browser (Safari, Chrome, Firedox, Edge, IExplorer), cleaning browser history and cache, don’t work
  • Verify the session.save_path param on the php.ini, don’t work
  • Reinstall, don’t work.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.2

I’m using: Chrome, Firefox, Iexplorer, Edge and Safari

Operating System
I’m using Windows, but the installation is on Webhosting on (PHP, MySQL)

I appreciate your help.

(Daniel) #2

Make sure that you are going to the right link.


if you have not setup yet, go to the following:


I usually get this error if I am using a bookmark that is set to the following:


(Diego Flores) #3

Dear, the url is /interface/login/login.php?site=default but the error is the same.

(Daniel) #4

I’m wondering if it has something to do with the path. Can you PM me the link?

(Diego Flores) #5

The path is

(Daniel) #6

OK. I was able to get to the log-in screen. Can you get to this point?

(Diego Flores) #7

Yes, I’m loggin in this URL but the error is the same, over and over again

(Daniel) #8

I’m pretty sure that you need to have openemr as part of the link. That could be the issue. You will have to configure your server to have openemr as part of the URL.

(Diego Flores) #9

you say ?

(Daniel) #10

It also depends how your globals.php is set up as well. I would have to take time to troubleshoot.