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With OpenEMR version 5, I was able to configure openEMR to have a style where the main menu is on the left side (instead of on the top) as shown in this page : OpenEMR Layout Selection - OpenEMR Project Wiki

But I could not figure out how to configure OpenEMR 6 and 7 to have such a layout where the menu is on the left, is that still possible? and if it is , how can I do that ?

Any help is appreciated.


hi @Faras_Sadek , frames were retired with the release of v6.0

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the rapid reply. Do you know if its possible to build the same style with the new versions. Here I am talking about having the menu on the left.


It’s not worth the effort imo.

I showed the OpenEMR to some doctors in my country and they loved the old style, now I do not know what to tell them.
Do you know why that was removed and what we gain from the new style ?

Thank you very much

We need to write a new “OpenERM Layout selection” page.
How can I keep track of these things that need to be done? Is there a way to mark the page in the wiki?
I have marked it with the little heart here, but I have “hearted” numerous other comments. Ideas, anyone?

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Thats a very good idea Sandra

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It’d be a great deal of work, at some point we will have the entire main page in a twig template and you could then replace the twig to get your custom menu style, but right now we’re a ways from getting there.


We are talking about the wiki here, right?

I added a note at the top of the wiki describing the layout selection as outdated.

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How about if you specify “left sided menu” in parenthesis? I can do it, if you don’t mind. That way non programmers will understand too.

Hmm, actually, never mind

Good idea, I added an edit.

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