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OpenEMR installation issue

Hi ,
I tried to install Open EMR in my server ,where I have all the prerequisite but It is struck in the connecting SQL page for a very long time .
can you help me out.
PFA the screen shot
I have all the prerequisites installed (Apache ,PHP ,mysql)


Are you using xampp? I think the default password is “”. I believe OpenEMR doesn’t work with a MySQL root password of null.

No I am not using Xampp
and I m installing in windows server 2012 R2

I’m more of a linux person so I’m not sure how helpful I can be.

Where is the mySQL’s root folder in relation to your web server’s htdocs or /var/www or whatever it’s called in your version of apache? Do you have a root password set or is the field empty “”

If you want to get up and running super fast and don’t mind being behind a version or two you can use a prepackaged version with xampp.

If you unzip the zip folder in your C drive you should be about good to go.