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openEMR in Australia

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone is using openEMR in Australia?


I did a quick search of the posts and there are 32 posts with the word Australia in it going all the way back to 2010.

Yes, I see nothing for quite a few years now…
Suspect the Australian user base may have dried up.

Hi @Dercni ,
Guessing there is still a userbase there; it’s always been very difficult to pin down the userbase since most users don’t participate in the community (ie. download the free software and use it). Does Australia have any special EMR requirements?

Integrated pathology downloads & secure messaging
Medicare integration for govt rebates
National eHealth register integration.

Hi @Dercni and @brady.miller,
Hope it is ok to wake up this old thread. I am considering using open EMR for a project at our facilities and was looking for other users in Australia I can connect with. Any updates on users in Australia?

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Hi @Aaran_Stent, did you manage to do this? Sorry to hang onto this thread but I’m interested in finding out how you went. I’m interested as I am working on developing requirements and eventually build an offering that can fit the Australian setting but I am finding information isn’t exactly centralised especially across the states and even within the Fed Gov. Would be keen to hear from your practical experience.