OpenEMR Database Relations


(Alapati Adithya) #1

Hi All,
I am trying to link patient data to the respective diagnosis codes he/she has been assigned with. I am unable to find the specific table/s in the OpenEMR database, where I can find this information. Could someone help??

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @Alapati_Adithya, it’s stored in the lists table

(Alapati Adithya) #3

thank you @Stephen_Waite, i was also looking for CPT & telehealth modifier codes related to a patient in openemr database, could you please confirm it from which table i can identify those codes.

(ViSolve) #4

The CPT codes and modifiers can be found in codes table.The prices for corresponding CPT codes will be available in prices table.


(Stephen Waite) #5

also if added to fee sheet will be in ar_activity table and if billed the billing table :slight_smile:

(Alapati Adithya) #6

but in the codes table of the OpenEMR database we had code field which is having data in length more than 5 letters like ‘C602152’ and only numeric numbers like 29, 75 etc. which are not a CPT code. if not this field which one we can consider.

As of now i had considered the code field from Billing table where i can find data related to CPT codes.

(Stephen Waite) #7

under Admin->Lists->Code types you can see the id of the code type which you should add to your query since all codes not just cpt4 are stored in the codes table