OpenEMR Contributed Forms

Are these forms working in 7.x I was curious because a provider was unable to figure out where to enter in of all things Snellen results. I see a form for that data. I also see a Psych set however, Harley (I think it was Harley) noted the inability to get functionality out of the set.



Hi @Warren -
You and I discussed by email a hypothetical session documentation form you had created which is a different creature from the contrib forms we’re looking at here.

As far as a snellen exam and a psych set goes, if I understand your situation correctly you’re seeing those forms on the Contributed Forms wiki page but not in the Forms Control screen in the OpenEMR application itself?

That’s because the Contributed Forms wiki page was written quite a while ago, for OpenEMR v4.x and those forms have since been deleted from the collection of forms that OpenEMR is packaged with these days. Sorry the wiki page hasn’t been updated! The forms that are currently available are the ones in the Forms Control screen.
Best- Harley

You can use encounter form Questionnaire and search for a Snellen Loinc form and many others.