OpenEMR billing automation with clearing house


(Nilesh Hake) #1

Hi All,

We have developed OpenEMR billing process automation with OA(office ally) clearing house with only two steps require to process and import bill into OpenEMR. Below are two steps required:

  1. Send Claim with one-click from OpenEMR to OA.
  2. And import bill into from OA to OpenEMR.

Above both process from OpenEMR not from any other app. Please let me know any one wants this feature.

(Stephen Nielson) #2

@Nilesh_Hake Are you offering this functionality as open source or is there a pricing model you’ve setup for people to use your functionality?

(Paul Talerico) #3

I can perhaps provide more detail on this project, as the person who hired Nilesh to develop it.

In order to use this, the end user must have SFTP credentials from Office Ally, which I’m told are provided when each of us initially signs up with them.

The first item Nilesh described is sending billing information from OpenEMR to Office Ally as an X12 file. It begins after the user has selected the encounters to be sent to the clearinghouse. Normally the user would then click the “Generate X12” button, which creates a downloadable X12 file. This X12 file would then be uploaded to OA after logging on to the OA website.
The automated process is activated by clicking the “Generate X12” button, which generates the X12 file and uploads it to OA. No need to save download the X12 file, log on to OA, and upload it to OA.

The second item automates the processing of the ERA’s (the electronic EOB’s). The way this is currently done with OpenEMR is fairly cumbersome and is detailed step-by-step in the attached file (Upload ERAs to OpenEMR.docx). Nilesh’s code turns processes each ERA with just a single click.

In appreciation to the community for all the hard work and good will displayed every day, we are donating this code to the community. Nilesh will be able to provide the details of when the code will be ready for sharing and where it is located on the github.Upload ERAs to OpenEMR.docx (414.1 KB)

(MD Support) #4

Nilesh, Paul:
The project always needs to integrate interfaces to commonly used external services like clearinghouses, labs etc. A big advantage of your code becoming part of the standard is the community keeps it current as the framework evolves.

Even if project admins decide the functionality does not belong to standard, this feature should definitely be made available in the “contrib/officeally” directory that you can keep current.

btw - Is there any reason why you are requiring manual unzip of files? Staff makes mistakes in manual steps that are easily avoided by uploading zip/tar file to server and letting PHP handle the process.