OpenEMR 7.1 vesion?

hello everyone !! Does anyone know when version 7.1 will be released?


Everyone is waiting on me to finish the new version of FAX and SMS module which will now be included in production releases(major support for Twilio SMS and etherFAX that has some cool functionality. Just enable, add vendor account credentials and start using SMS appointment notifications and fax management. I plan to have in by Monday or Tuesday(02/28/23) after which it’d take perhaps 7 to 10 days to build release.

So I think our next release will happen not later than March 15th, 2023.

IMO, it will be a great release with several structural changes to our log in and branding as we continue to modernize our U.I.
Our module support continues to expand along with improvements to our API’s.

We are still seeking sponsors to help us finish our FHIR API while we have the developer talent at hand.
The next major phase for FHIR besides continuing Questionnaire support with the development of the endpoints and a SMART app to render questionnaires will be adding insert/update endpoint with a human audit trail for some of the more sensitive workflows.

We are getting to the point that our FHIR team will have time to start scheduling this development if sponsorship is there. Otherwise we may be off doing other projects if this isn’t scheduled soon for this year. So hint hint everyone!:slight_smile:

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