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Openemr 5.0.2(4) ICD 10 2019

I am unable to Install the ICD10 2019 Codes eachh time i try to install using Administration->Other-> External Data Loads i get the attached Error. This is a fresh install. kindly help out thanks,

Hi, welcome,

Please provide more information. Such as OS, webserver, database, and versions. Also, directory contrib/icd10 must exist and have server permissions?

check your error log.


hi @gutiersa, think this is independent of those otherwise useful details

unfortunately the 2019 files are in there instead of these so need to download these and copy them into the contrib/icd10 folder for and remove the 2019 files from that folder as well

here’s the corresponding update to the codebase

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’m going to try that tomorrow, and revert back.

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I actually use Ubuntu server 18, Apache2 webserver, MySQL DB, and my version is 5.0.2(4) even though as stated by @stephenwaite, these are independent of the problem.

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Ok Guys i was able to get the ICD10 code dataset imported into my openemr instance. Now i’m having issues importing Snomed and RXNorm. i am not sure which version to download

Looking forward to learning from theis great community. Thanks in advance

Hello @Henry_Terkura_Swende ,
For Importing Snomed, try with RF1 format files instead of RF2 format files


Thanks for the response, I’ll try the RF1 format and revert back. But I thought it was deprecated? I mean the RF1

hi @Henry_Terkura_Swende, try removing the special chars in the filename like the ()

Thanks @stephenwaite the RxNorm installed when I removed the white spaces and special characters.

@Henry_Terkura_Swende your SNOMED filename begins with SnomedCT_RF2Release_US where as it looks from the source code that OpenEMR can only recognise SNOMED files that begin with any of the following: