Openemr 5.0.1 calendar has become very slow in the last two days

(venkat) #21

@brady.miller this started after the upgrade to 5.0.0, after the upgrade it worked fine for one week and then it started. I have backup from that one week period I can install and check the logs. I am guessing I need to restore the database also from that time?

Thank you

(Brady Miller) #22

Hi @vambati,

Another option is to copy your current instance into a testing instance and play around on that. I am curious what would happen if you then dropped all the appt in the openemr_postcalendar_events sql table on the testing instance (I am taking a wild guess that there is a rogue/corrupt recurrent appt in there).


(venkat) #23

@brady.miller I am trying to reproduce the slowness in my calendar. We notice that the first column is showing the appointments as half. as you can see from the screenshot. All the other columns are fine, it is only the first column.

(Morten Borchorst) #24

Since I updated/upgraded to 5.0.1 I experience the same: The appointments in the leftmost column get scrambled. I do not see any system in the transverse displacement op the appointments. Furthermore the blue marking extends over the left side of the field covering the time field partially.

(Brady Miller) #25


Wow, that is a mess. Looks like there is definitely a bug going on since being reported by 2 folks so far. Quick question:

  1. Is it really slow like @vambati has reported?
  2. Does it get better if do Administration->Other->Calendar->Clear Smarty Cache


(Brady Miller) #26

Also, I should of mentioned to also ensure clear browser cache/cookies.

(Morten Borchorst) #27

I do not feel any speed impediment only the transverse rearrangement of the appointments.
I have tried both now.
Neither clearing the smarty cache nor clearing browser cache made any visible difference.
Thks Morten

(Brady Miller) #28


Here’s a fix by epsdky that will hopefully fix this(the pertinent changes are in the interface/themes/ajax_calendar.css script - let us know if the changes in that script fix your issues):


(Morten Borchorst) #29

Thks. Is there at place to find a quick reading about how to implement the fix in my running system?

(Brady Miller) #30


Just make the two changes noted here (interface/themes/ajax_calendar.css with 2 changes within the #times class) and then clear your browser cookies/cache:


Calendar needs fixing (see pic)
(Brady Miller) #31

To clarify, link above is:

(Morten Borchorst) #32

Changing those two files definitely made it better. The first column is still pretty scrambled, though

(Morten Borchorst) #33

@Vambati, Did changing the 2 files solve the scrambling of appointments in the leftmost column for you?

(Brady Miller) #34

Hi ,

I have not been able to reproduce the scrambling of appointments. Are they all correctly mapped to the provider of column 1?


(Morten Borchorst) #35

They were originally (before the upgrade to 5.0.0). Is there any way I can check if they are?

(Brady Miller) #36

Hi @mborchorst ,

@epsdky contributed a fix for the scrambled column. Let me know if this fixes your issues:
calendar bug fix 2 · openemr/openemr@9b6f56d · GitHub


Calendar needs fixing (see pic)
(Morten Borchorst) #37

Heureka. Many thanks

/Morten Borchorst

(Morten Borchorst) #38

I just made a fresh install on my backup machine; version 5.0.0, patch 5. It seems that the abovementioned fix is not part of patch 5 … Is that true? I see the problems back on my backup server :frowning:

(ViSolve) #39

Yes, its true.
These fixes are not part of the patch 5.


(Brady Miller) #40


They are in a queue for a non-urgent patch, however, have had several critical patches that have taken up the patching resources (ie. my time :slight_smile: ). Hopefully will get out the non-urgent patch over the next couple weeks.