Openemr 5.0.0 trackanything form not working



I am just wondering if any one has tried to use Trackanything form in 5.0.0.

I have tried to use it in my installation and in 5.0 demo and it has not worked.

Where could I see a log in order I could give more info to share.

Thank you in advance


Hello EBonilla,

We tried to install Track-anything form in Openemr 5.0.0. and it worked without any issues.
Can you explain your issue with more detail?

To Find Error :
Please check your apache error log in the following path /var/log/httpd/error_log .

Also refer the following link to implement Track-anything form in openemr



Hello Vi,

Thaks for your reply.

I want to tell you thath I have the Openemr 5.0 hosted. I have followed the link you sent to install and configure the form.

The main point is that the plot is not showed al all after saving the data. The data is already saved with no trouble, but when you select the item to plot and click on the Plot Selected Items it does not appear the plot.

Due to my Openemer is hosted I can not access /var directory but I wanted just to clarify what exactly the problem is.

Thank you in advance for your help


To help with problem solving on this, are you able to graph the vitals signs without issues?


Hi Brady,

This is what I see at the vitals and plot sections. When I select Peso or IMC and click on Plot Selected Items nothing happens. Did I configure something wrong?
Thank you in advance for your help.


@Enrique_Bonilla ,

If you click Editar in the the Vitales section above and click on the BP value, do you see the plot there?



Hello Brady,
This is what I see at Vitales. I suppose a graphic could show if I click on Height or some other vitals, but nothing happen when I click on any option.

Thank you very much for your help Brady.



Hi @Enrique_Bonilla ,

Yep, openflashcharts, which is used in OpenEMR can be finicky. Clicking on a link should show the chart at the top. When you click it, do you see any warning etc. messages at the top of browser (it uses flash that some browsers may block).

Note I am currently working on replacing openflashhcarts with dygraph, which will be much nicer (and we need to do, since openflashcharts carries with it some minor security issues, which will likely get worse over time.



Great hint Brady

I changed my browser to Chrome and everything is working :smile: . I do not know why in Firefox it does not work, something with flash as you said.

Where the image is saved when using right click on it?

Thank you for your help Brady.