Noob question - OPENEMR suitability

I apologize if this is the wrong section. I did a search and did not see an answer to this.

I am looking to install an EMR that would support the remote acute care to several mines in Canada’s north. At these mines we have Physician Assistants which provide treatment in consultation with remote Physicians. We are looking for software that would allow documentation of the care at the site, but can be reviewed and edited remotely by the Physicians.

It looks like OPENEMR would be ideal for this, but I wanted to confirm that we could have a central installation with remote access and editing at several sites (as long as we have good connectivity). Can anyone provide an opinion if this is indeed possible?

Thank you.


Hi Tony

To answer your question, OpenEMR would be an excellent choice for remote clinics.
I use an instance for my Clinics here in BC, (,, and Big White Ski Patrol).

I liked OpenEMR so much I started a consultation company, Vistacan.
We 've modified OpenEMR for the Canadian market and created an app that integrates tightly.

If you want to try it out (or anyone else out there) We spun up an AWS multisite VistacanEMR demo (no real data) at eHealth in Toronto last week if you want to try it out.
2 Demo EMR sites (Vistacan demo) (Vistacan Dev)

and the app for both (search Android Store for Vistacan). Login for all sites can be user test password test.

The app is designed for secure smartphone documentation directly to the EMR, anywhere anytime; but OpenEMR runs very well without it and there’s no reason you couldn’t hire someone from this community to build one for your project (OpenEMR supports multisite clinics).


Mike Figurski
CEO Vistacan

I had just started discussion related to these situations. Our target is to create one or more stubs of Apps that allow EMR instances to expose localized contents and features.

Is there any part of your app code you are willing to share with community without affecting your commercial interests? If so, either reply or PM please. Thx.

BTW: Could not find Vistacan app in Android store, probably Google trying to be helpful by limiting access to Canadian users.

Hi MD Support

Yes we’ll share the code.

I will ask my developer (an independent contractor) to share as much of the OpenEMR work as he can with the entire community. I think most the multi clinic functionality was out of the box, but presentation of the instances using an app to push/pull information seems logical. It’s like moving from Microsoft Office (OpenEMR: good for everything) to nimble apps (most designed for a single user or workflow). Most docs have a pretty consistent workflow, and would love to have a suite of apps built for the way they work while their staff uses desktops with full OpenEMR (or version thereof). An app allows you to look directly at the patient while dictating the note, improving understanding and reducing errors.

One useful thing we did was push the audio recording (from app) to the patient encounter (in EMR) as a scrubbable audio clip while creating a encounter short note version using google speech to text. This allows for immediate posting of a translated dictation with the audio clip for correction.


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and thanks for the head up on the Canada only Vistacan app
here’s the link on Play Store


Thx. Look forward for more details.

Thanks for the quick responses. I’m going to explore OPENEMR, and I’ll review your VISTASCAN material as well. Thank you.

Very interesting!
I’m not sure if any of this is helpful but you can look at my MOE branch for some ideas too.

Mobile OE

I haven’t been able to get it to work with 5.0.2 yet though… Any ideas would be appreciated.