NewCrop is not working properly since its showing invalid partner

1.New Crop is not worked properly its showing this error,how resolve that issue…
2.partner is authorized with new corp but its shows not authorized if any one faced this issue kindly share how you resolve this.

Hello @Sanjeev welcome to the community
OpenEMR throws errors like that when you attempt to access NewCrop without proper credentialing and authorization. In order to use it one must sign up with a vendor and obtain the credentials.
Can I ask how you know that the partner is authorized with NewCrop?
NewCrop is a paid service and we at MI-Squared are the only authorized vendors of it for OpenEMR.
I do not recognize your name as being among our customers’ users. However, if you are, please DM me and we can explore your connectivity problem. If you are not a customer and wish to subscribe to NewCrop please DM me and I’ll be happy to discuss the support we offer.
Best regards- Harley