New Report module feature for OpenEMR

Hi All,

We have started development for new feature for report module and we have successfully completed of our POC. Once we finish with this feature then we can exclude all content in current reports. Below are the advantage for Reports module:

1. Client can customize their reports as they wants.
2. We can avoid use all reports using this report module.
3. Report get created dynamically.
4. We can save our regular report into OEMR database.
5. We can edit saved report as we wants.
6. Report get generated into excel file format.
7. From UI user can be select data they wants into reports.


hi @Nilesh_Hake ,
Sounds like some great features.

Thanks @brady.miller.
With above reports those who wants to do there data with statistical analysis like diagnosis or diseases statistics for patient this report will help for them because we are downloading reports in xlsx file format.

Hi there @Nilesh_Hake,

Has there been any progress wrt statistical analysis? I am interested in identifying cohorts of patients and then looking at trends. E.g. Diabetic patients with elevated HbA1c and Creatine/eGFR.
Or hypertensives on multiple agents etc.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi @jnaidu21,

I did not implemented statistical analysis report with this yet but I will be happy to do this if there is any such requirement.