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New openemr install setting up billing

I am following the tutorials in the wiki. Specifically this one:

I am not finding this:

CMS 1500 Paper Form Format is set to 02/12 for ICD 10 compatibility

Where is CMS 1500 Paper Form Format? Further, is it in features? or billing? or is this discontinued?

Are these how to’s still relevant?


hi @gutiersa, they are relevant but not here, it was discontinued.

Ok, you are saying for openemr-5.0.2 that particular how-to from the wiki page is not applicable?
I don’t know github very well. Is it possible for github to track instructions? Does anyone know?
Since I am starting from scratch after 8 years of not using openemr, I could try to organize the available instructions.


hi @gutiersa, no, just the hcfa portion. The 08/05 version was discontinued so removed the choice from globals.

You are saying the button for:
“CMS 1500 paper form format”
was removed?
Do you know when? Or for which version? I will be happy to update the how-to.

ok, nice, it was back in v501, thank you

So I can write that that particular “how-to” is accurate up to version 5.0.0?
Actually, NVM. I just noticed the how-to is for version 3.x