New features / improvements

Not much to display in video so here is basic recipe -

  1. Add mdsupport/mdpub repo as a dependency and let composer bring in command-line utilities from WordPress repo.
  2. Add a JSON column to codes table using codes_update.sql.
  3. Use your account to download latest codes from
  4. Add LOINC as code_type in EMR.
  5. Run LOINC import tool in console with --help to see expected parameters with defaults.

php /var/www/html/emr7d/vendor/mdsupport/mdpub/oemods/cli/import_loinc.php --help

–zipIn, -z Set the staged Loinc package archive - [default: /home/emrsys/]
–site, -s Set the EMR site [default: default]

  1. Import the downloaded codes by overriding the default filename used by -z option

php /var/www/html/emr7d/vendor/mdsupport/mdpub/oemods/cli/import_loinc.php -z /data/emr/

This will bring in a zillion (well 101633 to be exact for version 2.76) LOINC codes used for various lab tests as well as other FHIR forms / panels.