New Encounter Form in new window


Hello everyone

my query is how you can configure that by clicking on “New Encounter Form” you can open in a new window and not replace or that there will be in the same sale of “Past Encounters and Documents”

From already thank you very much.


it’s possible? or not?


Hmm, maybe I’m not understanding the question but it is generally best to do all encounter work within the main view and not in an absolute URL view (will lack certain contexts). Of course there are exceptions and we have popups here and there in the system, but generally the pattern is to work within the main view.


Hi @eliseoiie,

Currently there is no such features available in OpenEMR.You need to have more customization.

Please check the files under the directory openemr>interface>patient_file>encounter>.



It is not open in a pop-up window or another browser tab, it is to have 3 tabs within the system, something like below:


ideally it would be more comfortable for the user the first, with “Frame” and not “Tabs”

is that when creating a new visit (New Encounter Form) it does not close the “frame” or “tabs” of previous visits (Past Encounters and Documents)

Will it be possible?


The system currently supports top/bottom frames, but it can be customized to use three. However, please note that this is a non-trivial change and I don’t think many of us in the community have this use-case so you may not be able to find much help.

I don’t mean to sound negative, I’m just letting you know of the difficulty involved. You’ll have to be ready to explore and change a lot of the code.

If you are unable to implement the changes yourself and no one else in the community joins you with help because they have the same use-case, I would recommend hiring one of the vendors for this project.

Do note that I am not affiliated with the vendors, but I generally recommend them for non-trivial projects that I feel the community at large will not necessarly be able to solve in a volunteer capacity.


Hello @eliseoiie,
We can suggest you a method to get the tab design done in a simple way.
Try to change the target values in the file interface/main/tabs/menu/menu_data.php
Specify a new target name to prevent reload of tabs in same tab.
Its just an suggestion and need to do more changes to get it functional completely.



I am also VERY much wanting to be able to see previous encounters while I enter today’s encounter, so the tabs are not mutually exclusive. Right now my only solution is to simultaneously view the same patient on 2 different computer screens. I have no idea how to modify the php stuff to do that. Can you give specific details of what to change?


An encounter view grid concept could be a good core feature. Have a window start from a currently viewed encounter where you could drag or select from encounter history to fill a panel in window to view form history’s side by side. Makes more sense then switch back and forth between tabs.