New date picker reverts to Today when non-sql format date is manually entered

(harley) #1

Hi Folks-
The new date picker misbehaves when I manually enter a date in any format besides yyyy-mm-dd. (pic1 below)
I can enter the date but when I click away from the date text area the date SILENTLY changes to today’s date. (pic 2)
If the click is on Search, the search results usually are empty.
If it’s to create a new pt, the new pt gets today’s date as DOB.
Please help?

I’m seeing it in OpenEMR v5.0.1 (2) and the public demo Version Number: v5.0.1 (3) but not in any of the 5.0.0 installs I tried.
Observed on Firefox 59.0.2 64bit and google chrome Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Linux OS


(harley) #2

followup to previous post with the 2nd pic.

(Craig Sparks) #3

We also have noticed this, is this a issue with the actual code? This worked in 4.2.0 but does not work properly in 5.0.1.