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Need to update ICD 10 codes - Suggestions needed

@stephenwaite We haven’t updated openemr since couple of years.

I have copied latest openemr 5.0.2 library/ file into our system.

Do i need to copy any other files from openemr 5.0.2?

don’t think so, do you have php-zip mod installed?

@stephenwaite Presently below version if zip installed on our server. Please suggest.

ok, the fix for the zip is in the yet to be released patch 2 but you could hand edit the code change from back port portal password (#2739) · stephenwaite/openemr@83d0804 · GitHub

Thank you for the update. This will be very helpful!

@stephenwaite I can able to fix the issue and imported ICD10 data into our system.

Just for the confirmation below the number of records inserted in both tables.

Is the values correct? Can you please confirm.

SELECT count(*) FROM icd10_dx_order_code ORDER BY dx_id ASC

SELECT count(*) FROM icd10_pcs_order_code ORDER BY pcs_id ASC

hi @dorareddys, the count isn’t the best check since multiple versions can exist. Better to look for a new code for 2020 like I4811 or I48.11 in the icd10_dx_order_code table

One thing to be careful is I am finding that when I do the ICD10 upgrade I only can query the new codes when I am on the fee sheet.

Here I search for I48% and I get the following response:

but when I look at the table I see this:

for some reason all the old codes are being set to ‘0’ under active. Any reasons why this would be?

I verified and code I48.11 was found in my icd10_dx_order_code table.

But my earlier icd10_dx_order_code table had 97729 records

New table contain less number of records 94765

Is it ok?

hi @growlingflea, yes, that’s by design. You wan to inactivate the old codes so they’re not chosen for future billing through the fee sheet as well as bring in any new codes.

you should be fine @dorareddys, guessing you had to truncate the table at some point which would explain why you probably have no prior revisions like @growlingflea

But its inactivating codes that are still active. There are more than 4 active I48% codes, but the script inactivated the other active 8.

which is okay but it’s not loading them as active for revision 2

just tested on yet to be released patch 2 and it’s working ok

What is the suggestion you have when I have folks who need the 2020 new codes as well as the codes that are active for other years?

setup a test site installed from latest rel-502 and load 2019, will have to move 2020 files out of contrib/icd10 temporarily

then bring in 2020, verify data, and then export for an import on your production

if folks need older codes active you’ll have to run custom sql statements am afraid

I followed the instructions carefully and at the end I got the following message in the EMR trying to upload the data:

"Staged Releases

The number of staged files is incorrect. Only place the files that you wish to install/upgrade to.

Follow these instructions for installing or upgrading the following database: ICD10?"

Any ideas how to proceed?

Thank you so much for your time!