Need some beginners advice please, taking over 4.1.2 setup

(Alan Smith) #1

Hi, I’m taking over admin of an openEMR 4.1.2 linux system, with easy!app patient booking linked to it.

I had a freelancer setting this up, but he has stopped responding. I know very little :blush:, so have some questions - and am very open to helpful advice.

Its a small operation that offers an thermographic scan service. It has a couple of fixed clinics and some mobile clinics.

Patient Portal: We want a patient to be able to book appointments online, for one of the clinics, and add some information. That info should be stored in openEMR so that the clinician can access it. The clinic can also do the booking on the patient’s behalf.

The use of openEMR is mainly very simple record keeping.

q1: Is version 4.1.2 good enough for this?
q2: I am concerned about the security resulting from linking easy!app, suggestions appreciated?
q3: Please recommend a freelancer who might be able to help me with any problems or changes?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #2

Hi @ognik,

Are you currently using OpenEMR in production or is this still being setup? If it’s still being setup, I recommend starting with the latest version (5.0.1).

q2: Not familiar with easy!app so I can’t comment.
q3: See our Professional Vendors page for a list of vendors who can help.

Note, it is possible to get OpenEMR setup on Amazon’s AWS cloud platform yourself, we’ve got a pretty straightforward guide if you’re willing to give it a go yourself. You can always post on this forum if you get stuck along the way.

Best of luck!