Need help to find file that I can EDIT these headers in

Need to change Headers under Disclosures in demographics
where can I find this file to edit ?


OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 6.0.1

NB: I am on version 6.0.3

Location of the file


Search for the keyword Summary in the file described above.

   <td valign='top' class='text'><b><?php  echo xlt('Summary'); ?></b></td>

This is what you’ll see on the line

Thanks for the reply I want to edit the
Column headers Type - Provider - Summary :slight_smile:
I cannot locate the file

Are you saying that when you followed the path to the file above, you couldn’t find the file disc_fragment.php?

the file can be located here openemr > interface > patient_file > summary > disc_fragment.php.

I have edited mine. Take a look below.

Perfect :slight_smile: Thank you this is a great help