Multiple Fee Sheet Improvements

(R Magauran) #21

This bug still exists. It is minor but I found the problem spot, just not sure of the fix:

in fee_sheet/new.php, line 110-1:

    echo "  <td class='billcell'>$strike1" .
    ($codetype == 'COPAY' ? xlt($codetype) : text($codetype)) . $strike2;

Removing the “strike” entries here works:

   echo "  <td class='billcell'>".
   echo ($codetype == 'COPAY') ? xlt($codetype) : text($codetype);

but I have no idea why.
Not having “strike” around the codetype is not a big deal but I think it is an incomplete fix?

(Jerry P) #22

May depend on which user agent is being used. <strike> is deprecated in html5. Works in FF but i’m on windows php 7.2 about 5 commits behind master.

(R Magauran) #23

I replaced “strike” with “del” and it still happens in FF.

(Jerry P) #24

Are you on 5.0.2 release? I’ll check it anyways…

(R Magauran) #25

Yes. 5.0.2 release…

(Jerry P) #26

looks like it depends on codetype ie breaks on cpt but works for ICD. do you see this?

(R Magauran) #27

Yes but the reason is related to the hyperlink used to pull up the helper dialog for CPT. ICD doesn’t have that.

(Jerry P) #28

true but, still a bug there. I’ll fix that but I don’t understand what is different between your test and mine. I’ll try to get creative and recreate.

(R Magauran) #29

This bug has been around a long time… You can find it going way back prior to 5.0.2. I am actually on 5.0.2+. There were some fee sheet fixes I needed after the 5.0.2 release and they were in the master already #2656.

(Jerry P) #30

lol, I think i’m seeing why! However, i’m seeing some weird stuff with the way this form is rendered. And a bug with the procedure code delete but, can’t recreate the issue here. Will look over the mod’s you point to…

(Jerry P) #31

I’ve gone all the way back to v501(7) on Edge, Chrome and FF and still works for me. We are talking about strike out not working for code type, right? Or am I chasing the wrong bug?
can you give me a screen shot?

(R Magauran) #32

Here is a short video where I change the code in fee_sheet/new.php and delete/undelete some lines in a Fee Sheet:

(Jerry P) #33

Okay, I thought we were talking about the ICD codes. I know about the CPT and am working on a fix for it. So if I fix the CPT/procedure del then we’ll be good?

(R Magauran) #34

You know when something small, so small that is not important just annoying, pops-up over and over, at the most inopportune time? Well this “ike>” thing popped-up again and I had a little time to look at it more closely. There is no rush to fix it.

(Jerry P) #35

yep and it doesn’t look good from a users point of view. It’s the small things that help form opinions about an application. So though feesheet will work perfectly fine with this bug, it can leave a bad impression on our users. So, fix it will be. Thanks for bringing this back up and will let ya know the PR when done.

(Jerry P) #36

Hi @rmagauran,
see PR

if interested in how I fixed.
for v5.0.2 patch 1