Multiple facilities issue


(Nielsen Pereira) #1

In my instalation of the new version 5.0.2, I have Added 5 facilities, but in the Calendar is only showing 4, one is “missing”. I’ve done the same procedure in the Demo (Admin Login) and everthing worked perfectly, all 5 are shown! Am I skiping anything?
And I’d like to know how to “Delete” or “Disable” or “Inactive” any Facility.
Thanks for the help!


Please provide more information on the missing facility and your setup.
The easiest (and not too elegant) way to remove a facility is to remove it’s folder in the sites directory.
Just move it elsewhere.

(Stephen Waite) #3

hi @APerez think @Nielsen is referring to Admin->Facilities and not removing a site in that directory. You’d remove a row from the facilities table but only if necessary.

(Nielsen Pereira) #4

I just did the same procedure in all 5 Facilities, the same I did on the Demo version earlier today (and all 5 appear there); I’ve checked: Service Location and Billing Location, but one of them did not appear on the Calendar, only the other 4.

As @stephenwaite posted, I am looking for an Admistrative way to “Delete” or “Disable” any Facility in the system. I have thought about editing or replacing the table and start all over again and in the end I think that will be the only way by now.

Thank you and @stephenwaite

(Nielsen Pereira) #5

this is from Demo

this is my Site

this is Facilities Configuration ans the one in the “red square” is the missing on the Calendar

(shankar) #6

Did u enable Billing Location and Service Location while creating facility