Multiple Doctors One Encounter



The practice is a multiple doctor facility. More than one physician can see the same patient in the same day. They would like to keep using the single encounter. Is there a way for the billing to be credited to each physician on a single encounter?

As you know currently the system does allow for each line item to be assigned to a given physician. But the physician at the bottom of the encounter receives all the credit as the system is right now.

@sunsetsystems - Does the upgrades to the fee sheet include this ability?


hi Sherwin, i think that since the provider is now on the line item the rendering provider dropdown is moot

maybe when the globals->billing->Support provider in line item in fee sheet is enabled this should be suppressed


i think the reports->financial->sales need to be updated to capture at the line item level


Sounds like a good place to start is with the report because if the system is capturing the information by line item. The report should come back the same.