Mucking around the patient tracker, trying to fix stuff that is not working correctly

I am working on the timer column, digging through the code to find the issue. I ran across this note in the code.

    // TODO: refactor this method to use the PatientTrackerService  There is a whole heirarchy of inner function calls
// inside the fetchAppointments method scattered across several different files which will require creating lots more classes
// (ie a bigger undertaking).  Leaving this method alone until we can tackle this work at a later date in time.

Does anyone know who made this note? There are a whole bunch of issues I need to resolve now. It could save me some of the learning curve if I could talk to the person that made this note in the system.


Here is one of the things that it is doing. This screenshot was taken at 6:30 AM. There should be no total times on the screen.

As a side note here is that we have a pre-existing database that started out life in version 4.x

Hi @juggernautsei , here’s that commit by Stephen.

I don’t really have much memory of what all the files were that needed to be refactored so I’m not sure I’d be able to help you here @juggernautsei without digging through all the code again.

@adunsulag I read the comments that were left. It not so much as knowing which files. I have found all of the connecting files. I am trying to decide if it is a data issue or software issue. The write up was more than plenty and I understood the forward looking plan.

Thanks to @stephenwaite also.