Moving LBF from office computer to AWS Cloud Version

There seems to be no instructions. I have searched these blogs and found nothing that helps. My forms are on the office version of OEMR, now that we are switching to cloud AWS on amazon we need to know how to move the forms. Amazon has no information on this topic either. This is an important step for anyone.
How are people entering command line statements?

Have tried contacting Brady and no help.


Hi @David_Kasprzak , there are wiki instructions.

There are no instructions for AWS server. I have searched and printed all them out.

I tried to backup the program on windows and it gets all the way there and then drops at the last minute. The windows version of your backup does not work.

I have closed my AWS account, this is way too complicated and cumbersome to use.

I will be make a recommendation to other certifying agencies that this program is too cumbersome and can have a
negative impact upon their services from its lack of user friendly components.

David Kasprzak MSN MSc

Wow… that escalated pretty fast. Why don’t you do what most people do when they run into problems and pay a vendor to fix your issue if you can’t resolve it yourself.

The instructions for moving the LBF forms will work just the same on AWS as it will on any other system. The challenge is that its intended for advanced computer users since no one PAID a developer to write a simpler process.

The system works for a great deal of users who want to own their own data and customize their own software and not be locked into a vendor. Or for those areas that have few to any resources to afford the huge licensing fees that larger systems charge.

BTW migrating any kind of software application from one installation to another completely different environment is considered a COMPLICATED endeavor and is not something ‘simple’. Any software vendor is going to charge you bucket loads of money to migrate your custom software development features.

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That is why I shut down the AWS system. I tmay be okay for someone who is just starting up fresh, but for someone who has a land based system
there is no easy way to get the info up there. I did contact a few of the OPENEMR vendors you listed andno one was capable of the task of migrating
from the land to the cloud.


Hi @David_Kasprzak , I believe you left me a message looking for assistance. I returned the call and left a voice mail but haven’t heard back.

I guess I got the days mixed up. I will call you on Monday. I tried Sat but got the voice mail for the business.

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