Modifying the Main Top Menu


(Ajoy Prabhu) #1

I am trying to rename “Patient/Client” to “Patient”. I have changed the text in the database table “lang_constants” and yet I do not see the change. Is this coded somewhere else? I’m on the latest version of OpenEMR.

Thanks in advance!

(Jerry P) #2

Menu is at interface/main/tabs/menu/menus/standard.json around L-64

(Ajoy Prabhu) #3

Thanks! I forgot to mention that I have renamed it there too:

“label”: “Patient”, // AKP removed the word client
“menu_id”: “patimg”,
“children”: [
“label”: “Patients”,
“menu_id”: “fin0”,
“target”: “fin”,
“url”: “/interface/main/finder/dynamic_finder.php”,
“children”: [],
“requirement”: 0,
“acl_req”: [

Unfortunately, this did not work either!

(Jerry P) #4

I’m not 100% up on everywhere language constants are addressed. Try sites/default/documents/custom_menus/Custom.json if custom menu is being used.
Otherwise, @brady.miller may need to help with translations.

(Ajoy Prabhu) #5

Nope; you got it right. That fixed it. Thanks a ton!

(Jerry P) #6

You’re welcome. Nice thing with custom menu is it’s persistent.