Modify OpenEMR Cloud - Express Edition


(Philip Herrick) #1

Is it possible to modify the .php files in OpenEMR Cloud - Express Edition?
Specifically I want to modify… openemr/interface/patient_file/letter.php … because I need to add new fields to the Popup letter and the only way I can see is to modify that file.

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @Phil, sure just connect to the docker, see these instructions

(Philip Herrick) #3

Thanks Stephen. I’d better start getting to know docker! I’ve got reasonable experience within OpenEMR but not a lot in cloud deployment.

A couple of other questions you may know the answer to…

I’ve launched Express edition and the address bar warns me the site is not secure. Is there an option to make it secure? I really don’t want to just limit the IP address that can access the site because we will want to be mobile and use various wifi sources.


Is there an easy way to access the mySQL database in ExpressEdition on AWS through phpMYAdmin?

Thanks for your help


(Stephen Waite) #4

Let’s encrypt instructions should work for ssl

you’d have to launch a phpmyadmin docker alongside and open up some ports too