Modify login page without change original code

Hi, I’m new to OpenEMR and want to try to explore the changes in it based on user needs

How do I change the appearance with code without changing the original code, is that possible? for example login page

I see there are several similar topics, but there are still none
the answer :

@brady.miller maybe can help this question? :slight_smile:


Search the forum on how to make a custom module. I also made a tutorial video on the OpenEMR youtube channel on making modules:

There are extension points to allow you to add your module’s template directory in the TWIG rendering engine’s environment. At that point you can override the template files of the login page without touching core code.

My skeleton module even has an example that overrides the login page that you can look to as an example.

@Ratana_Surya, you can take a look at some generic code we have made available here. It does require a small patch to a library that is invoked by all scripts. That change will check couple of tables to see if your local installation has any active customization(s) for current script. Since we wanted to treat standard code as a blackbox, we use PHP’s shutdown function feature to perform modifications to html generated by standard scripts.


@mdsupport Thank you for the answer, hopefully this can help me understand more in application development

Thank you for your answer,
I tried to watch and understand the video
Hopefully this can help me understand more about application development