Mobile Responsive Not Working 5.0.2

(Erik Pampalone) #1

Mobile Responsive not working after upgrade

OpenEMR Version
I’m upgraded to OpenEMR version 5.0.2

Mobile Device OS:
I’m using: iOS (iPhones) and Android OS

I’m using: Safari, Firefox, Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: Linux

Any thoughts on how to fix? Our whole staff uses their smart phones to manage schedules.

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @naya, quick test for 5.0.2 android and firefox with 1 provider on the schedule seems ok. How many providers are on the calendar?

(Erik Pampalone) #3

Thanks @stephenwaite,

I have seven people on the calendar, but I get the same result when I reduce it to 1 person. I don’t have access to an Android at the moment, but I can get it, if needed.

Firefox on iOS with 1 person

Chrome on iOS with everyone

Safari on iOS with everyone

(Erik Pampalone) #4

In addition to the problem here, I see some additional issues on the patient portal when using apple phone and iPad products that have to do with mobile responsive.

@sjpadgett has helped me with some patient portal issues.

Here are some issues I am seeing on the iPhone:

  • Menu | Patient Documents
    The menu gets in the way of viewing the page
    The page is frozen. Can’t scroll up and down, or back and forth

  • Can’t navigate
    Can’t select the side menu because it is covered.
    Can’t scroll down to sign or see signatures.


(Jerry P) #5

@tywrenn @naya
The documents were never designed for phones but iPads should work. Phones in landscape have a chance:)
I’ve move doc buttons to companion with history table. Just seemed to make sense. Now they can stack. I’m trying to save my left menu from collapsing because I find it a pain to have to click to get action menus. Especially from top of screen. Here iPad in Portrait

And landscape:

iPhone landscape:

If anyone wants to play with here’s source. This is
a template that is loaded from JavaScript and uses underscore, old school I guess, but I find easier that smarty etc.
Resides at: openemr/portal/patient/templates/OnsiteDocumentListView.tpl.php

OnsiteDocumentListView.tpl.php (17.9 KB)

(Jerry P) #6

Will be in patch 2

I believe calendar fix is there also by @stephenwaite

(Jerry P) #7

For life of me, I can’t recreate the calendar issue! Maybe a little help testing from some bored dev’s. @aaronchantrill are you seeing this issue?

(Jerry P) #8

Okay, i’ve been reviewing the calendar source and see some potential issues with mobile and newer browsers. Most notable is the fact calendar uses framesets and frames. These are obsolete and could/have disappear from browsers support.
Also noted there are several tags out of place or left open. Most browsers are very good at straightening these out but for mobiles, i’m not so sure.

Bottom line, these issue can’t be ignore any longer so i’m going to tackle with ridding the framesets and see if I can also restyle for a better fit with mobiles. Tablets seem pretty good.

(Aaron Chantrill) #9

Hey, sorry, I missed this when it came in. None of our users use phones to interact with the EMR – they all have either desktops or laptops and use the PC versions of either Firefox or Chrome. Personal phones aren’t even allowed on the same subnet with the EMR system, there is a staff subnet for accessing email/up to date/etc.

I’m surprised to hear that there are still frames being used in version 5.x. I will certainly do my best to replace them with divs wherever I run across them.

(Jerry P) #10

You might refer to

has the restyle for add/edit in calendar and is ported to 502 for patch 2.