Missing LBF form after patch application

(David D. Speck MD) #1

I was working on a custom LBF form a while back. After executing a patch from V to, the title of the form no longer appears in my list of available layouts, and I cannot create a new instance of it for a patient.

I can see all of the fields that I created when examining the table ‘layout_options’ in phpMyAdmin, and I can recall test patient records that I created with the early test versions of the form.
On further investigation, I can see that the name of my form is present in the list LBF_Form_Types, but none of the LBF forms in the Form_Type_List are available when I am in a patient’s chart and select the drop down under the Clinical tab.

What do I change to regain access to edit and use the LBF forms that I created? Is there something that I have to register or enable to get access to these forms again?