Manage module error

I am getting server error when trying to access … manage module.
On Firefox with console opened I get this message:

Request URL:https………/openemr/interface/modules/zend_modules/public/Installer
Request Method:GET
Remote Address:………:443
Status Code:

Any advice?

Openemr on ubuntu 19 inside Box on windows 10
SSL certificates originated from openemr allows only https on port 443, the only open port on Vbox…

And this did not work :

If I am not going to get help on the issue I posted , can someone please tell me if I can do without the module? and what it does for my day to day practice?

Please be patient.
This means you have a misconfiguration. I would have to investigate a bit more. I run a different operating system.
Also I need more information. I realize you are running a virtual machine in windows. Was it a pre-built package? What is the stack? Apache? Nginx? (if it is Nginx then it is about your rewrite rules.) Actually it is probably related to your rewrite rules. Let me find some information on the subject.

Thank you Sandra,
It is Apache/2.4.41
It was not prebuilt package.
I had my apache and mysql installed and on top openemr in /var/www/html/openemr 5.0.2 with patches up to patch 3
I have successful auto run of daily back up using Brady’s script to DVD R

you need to be familiar with this

did you include the rewrite rules for the send modules? I have been looking for them but I can’t find them.
If I find them I will modify this message.


I did not because there was a concern raised by Kevin Yeh in previous thread that sounded legit to me. I still do not know what that module does and what excluding it would affect openemr function?

If you point out your concern, I can dispell it. I believe the issues have been addressed. Anyway, Zend modules need not be used to take advantage of openemr as far as I know.

I still do not know what that module includes? What does it do?

Maybe check if you even need any of modules managed by this feature in the online demo appropriate to your installed version.

Check out the demo:

This is the openemr manual which includes a section on modules and even has some video

The wiki and the demos probably have a lot of answers to your questions.