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Make recipes by secretary (central office role)

Hello, I need the secretary to be able to see the list of medications indicated to the patient to make the prescriptions (only see that it cannot be edited) is this possible or do you have to give them permission from the doctor?
I have openEMR 5.0.2 (5) installed on win 10 under xampp

Hello @mlobo4370
I assume you are using OpenEMR’s native medications/ prescriptions functionality. If you use an addon- service like NewCrop eRx the answer is completely different.

OpenEMR displays the medications inside the patient record’s dashboard, in the widgets down the right side of the screen:

The user’s Access Control Listing (ACL) determines their ability to access many EMR functions, including viewing the medications list. The ACLs are set in the user’s profile, (Administration/ Users) Access Control pick list (circled lower left, in first picture below).

The default Front Office ACL (a common ACL for a unit secretary) cannot view the medications but that permission can be added to its list.
See 2nd pic below:

  1. On main menu go to Administration
  2. ACL
  3. Select the ‘Groups and Access Controls’ checkbox
  4. Click the link ‘Front Office - view’

3d pic:
5. Look in the Inactive column, ‘Patients’ section, select the item ‘Prescriptions’
6. Click the ‘<<’ control to put it in the Active column (4th pic)

From this point any user with the Front Desk ACL will be able to view the patient’s prescriptions per the first pic above.

Best- Harley




Cool, I just learned something. Thanks @htuck

Thank you so much !!!
If I want to enable the secretary to see the medications indicated to the patient, what reading permission should I add?

sure thing, @sjpadgett happy to contribute!

  • HT

@mlobo4370 Add the one I showed in the third and fourth pictures of the instructions, above, "Prescriptions (write, addonly optional) "
Forgot to mention, you must be logged in as an EMR Administrator.

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thanks. if so I have it configured. But I need the secretary to see the medication section. so you know that this is the medication you can give the patient. thanks

@mlobo4370 See the attached pic below; when I add that ‘prescriptions’ ACL per the instructions my standard Front Desk user sees both the Medications and the Prescriptions widgets.

Are you trying to give the receptionist the ability to literally prescribe medications as a physician would?

Please post a screenshot of the ‘medication section’ you wish your Front Desk user to have access to.
Best- Harley


thanks. i was later haha