Looking for options to adjust the application screen size

(EHarmon) #1

Is there an option to adjust the screen size for smaller devices or a horizontal slider to move the screen from left to right?

(MD Support) #2

Current screens are designed for desktop / large monitors to display all relevant data without need for scrolling or additional clicks. So there is no central option.

There is ongoing project to update the layouts that would automatically rearrange displayed information based on screen size. However displaying 100s of items on a small screen becomes unwieldy. So some screens will need fundamental redesign for small format.

(Jerry P) #3

Good point. Remember though that some features just will not lend well to portable devices. Billing certainly is one therefore we should concentrate on those interfaces that that physician needs while they do there daily routines. Any notes and encounter forms come to mind. Just saying.

(EHarmon) #4

I wanted to adjust the calendar if possible that is the only object that i view from a laptop when not by my normal computer

(Jerry P) #5

Calendar should scale to a laptop. What in the world are your screen spec’s?

(Daniel) #6

I could see the practical uses of providers and others having access to their calendar from a smart phone or small tablet. There are also cases where providers are constantly mobile and having access to their personal calendar from their cell phone would be a lot more convenient that opening their laptop after finding an internet connection.

Is it an insane idea to write a plug in that interacts with Google calendar so providers and other end users can interact with their calendar via mobile?

(Jerry P) #7

Absolutely, calendar should be accessible on portable devices. Doubt that can happen with existing but another plug in would be great. So are you saying you’d take that on Daniel? :slight_smile:

(Daniel) #8

I’ve been pretty busy but I’m happy to help. I am working on a few large projects right now including perfecting a SMS messaging tool (see prior posts) and an immunization plug in that allows for downloading immunization lists from the CDC, the ability to scan immunizations, and the ability to edit immunizations. Once I figure out the knots in those I’d be happy to help plan and implement a Google Calendar plug-in.

(Jerry P) #9

Well if you’re doing sms you may as well do fax too. I’ve written a sms/fax plugin that also does notifications using Ring Central for openemr. Just don’t know if I want to donate yet or not. For the cms api, that is great they offer that now and I think Sherwin has used oeHTTP for his interface to cms for Weno. Anyway, good luck.

(MD Support) #10

@harmone75, If you need to view only calendar, you may want to try using ‘App’ feature that we contributed. On smaller devices every little wasted space counts. So this feature strips menu and other decorations to show only the contents of a single tab.
While every screen has some quirks that need some fixes, at least that gets you closer to a mobile device experience … still limited by standard emr behavior.

(MD Support) #11

Google calendar will get into HIPAA concerns since many appointment descriptions do have medical information. The current calendar component is outdated and making any changes for it to be responsive is waste of time. However a ground up new component showing today’s appointments as bootstrap accordion list works well. You start with collapsed list for the day, touch to select / expand an appointment, and view details or make changes.

(EHarmon) #12

Thank you, is this application component that i access with the emr system, or do i have to obtain it from another location

(MD Support) #13

Didn’t realize that documentation is bit cryptic.

As administrator, choose menu Administration->Lists. Select “Apps” list.

In a standard installation the list will show 2 options including ‘Calendar’. Mark both of them to be ‘Active’, save and log out.

The login screen will now show ‘App’ as dropdown with 2 options. Select ‘Calendar’ and login. Default is (and should be) *OpenEMR, which will be normal interface.

You can add any script path in ‘Title’ column for similar effect.

Calendar as app is complicated by too many options designed for front desk. Lot of space is used on showing month view, facilities and other stuff. If you are in exam room or on the road looking for your schedule, those displays are not useful. That still needs to be fixed.