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Looking for Help ro Learn the Open EMR System

I would like to get assistance with configuring the openemr system for use as an administrator for use by multiple providers. Where is the best place to post such a request? The ideal person would be a SME with knowledge how to utilize the system in many different capacities. Thank you

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Hi Tyler, great to have you with us.

You can join the conversation on slack here:

There’s a couple videos on the OpenEMR official youtube channel here:

Some vendors have their own tutorials playlists as well.

You can also check out the wiki site for documentation.

Hello Tyler

We can help you in configuring OpenEMR and train you in different aspects of OpenEMR. We have Subject Matter Experts in OpenEMR functionalities and its related services.

If you are interested - mail us to

Thank You

Seems like most of the content and videos for open emr is dated (4-8 years old). If there is a subject matter expert that is knowledgeable on how to configure the system end-to-end, please reach out to me at Thank you.

ps: Of course we would pay for your assistance :slight_smile:

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