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Looking for a way to collect and process lab data from a directory to openmr 5.0.2

I’m looking for a way to collect and process lab data from a directory to openmr 5.0.2.
Note: the directory is on the same server and in the same root as openemr.

How can I connect openEMR 5.0.2 (currently running from my clinic) to a directory and receive results? Maybe also send to that directory.
Our clinic can receive lab data via a third party (a company in the Netherlands), they basically translate the lab results in a readable format ( EDIFACT, HL7/XML en FHIR) and place the data in a directory. I’m looking for a way to collect and processing the data from that directory to openmr. Since openemr 4.2.2 it’s not possible anymore to enable Lab exchange in Administration -> Globals -> Connectors settings.

Are there still possibilities?

hi @rickzimm, set up the lab in the address book, then connector under procedures->providers and retrieve the results with procedures->electronic reports

Hi Stephen,

I will try that method, thx.
using the electronic reports is it possible to have the subject “check lab results” on top of the the menu, so the “Check Lab Results” feature initiates the Laboratory Exchange Network query that pulls down new results from the exchange etc. and place it in the patient account. Like mentioned in the following document:
OpenEMR Laboratory Results User Documentation Laboratory Exchange Network

I want to ask what version of HL7 is being used in 5.0.2?

Pretty sure for labs it’s v2.2 but you could most likely get away with 2.3

In the GMU project, VIIS will only accept 2.5.1 HL7 language for the immunizations submissions.