List of patients as per user

Hello everyone,
Is there any global settings to set to display only the patients that is linked to the users through Providers List?
Thank you.

Hello @hermie_jld welcome to the forum and the community! May you get all your questions answered :slight_smile:

No Global setting exists to restrict access to just the patients that a provider is assigned to. However, Ken at MI-Squared has developed a ‘Patient Privacy’ module which does accomplish that.
Essentially, a provider is assigned patients to whose records they are permitted access.
Here’s the writeup for that module:

If it looks like it does what you want you’re welcome to contact Ken to discuss what’s needed for installation of the module (his email is in the wiki post).

Good luck!

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Hi hermie jld,

Is here no global setting these kind of option.If you Want Any Customization in openEmr Please contact our support team.

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To be clear, installing the Patient Privacy module does not require customization of your OpenEMR, you would simply be obtaining the FOSS source code, which is not included in the standard release code base.

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Hi all,

Thank you for all your responses and offers.
I agree, there’s no global setting for this requirements. Just to inform you, I already figured out and I made my customization with the code. Right now, I’m able to filter the patients list in provider, including the search list in Calendar.

Have a nice day.