List editor not working for payment methods


(roland w) #1

When I try to add a payment method to the Payment Method List (admin->lists), it does not allow to add or edit anything. I already noticed that all the entries in this particular list have a duplicate, so when adding I get an error :

SQL Error with statement:insert failed: INSERT INTO list_options ( list_id, option_id, title, seq, is_default, option_value, mapping, notes, codes, toggle_setting_1, toggle_setting_2, activity, subtype ) VALUES ( ‘payment_method’, ‘check_payment’, ‘Check Payment’, ‘10’, ‘’, ‘0’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ )–Duplicate entry ‘payment_method-check_payment’ for key ‘PRIMARY’==>/var/www/openvemr/interface/super/edit_list.php at 203:sqlInsert, referer: http://openemr.lan/interface/super/edit_list.php

I can also replicate this behavior in the online demo. Every entry in the PM list also has a duplicate, and when I add anything, it throws the same error, then returns a list with only one option (check_payment) AND a duplicate of it.
It is not doing that when I use the list editor with other lists. Why?

I’m using the latest stable version 5.01(6), the same as the online demo. Both have the same problem.:tired_face:

Roland :paw_prints:

(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @roland ,
I wonder if this is related to this recent bug report/fix:

(roland w) #3

hi @brady.miller,
Thank you, it was, I did not know there was a recent fix for it. It’s working properly now after editing the code (it was a different line number but I guess it’s always under active development…
Roland :paw_prints: