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List acl_req Menu

So guys , you new in forum , but necessited entendiment list acl_req menu ;
because I need desabled menu for rules and other to pacient atived ;
please help me

hi @taarcisiosilva, if you’re spanish speaking maybe @luisuriarte can bridge the gap?

So, I dont speaking in Spanish, Only Portuguese and English.
, but job Only talk in Spanish , I use transistor, no problem

@luisuriarte You help me ?

You can write in spanish.

You can control the accesses from the Administration / ACL (Access Control) menu.
Or if you prefer, you can modify the code, modifying openemr/interface/main/tabs/menu/menus/standard.json file.

Usted puede controlar los accesos desde el menu Administracion / ACL (Control de Acceso).
O si prefiere, puede modificar el código, modificando el archivo openemr/interface/main/tabs/menu/menus/standard.json

Buena suerte.

So , my user group “medico” -> medic
I need menu module->x

        "requirement": 0,
        "acl_req": [   **??????**

Sorry friend, I don’t have much idea of that. But I think it should be in some DB table like gacl_aco or another gacl_ *