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LBV Forms - LBT Transaction forms

Hi everyone,

I’m still pretty much beginner with Open EMR and I’m checking LBV Forms functionality.
I can see there are two options when you want to create new layout - Visit form ID must start with LBF. Transaction form ID must start with LBT

While LBF is pretty much clear, I had no luck with LBT - Transaction Forms. I have tried to create a test form with few fields but then couldn’t find it anywhere on Encounter nor Patient while LBF forms are visible on Encounter > Layout based menu.

Are there any resources to further clarify use of LBT Transaction forms?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


You can find the LBT forms created by using following steps:
1.Navigate to Patient summary page -> Transactions(tab).
2.Under transactions tab click create new transactions button.
3.A new form opens with Transaction Type drop down. This drop down contains list of all LBT forms.
4.You can select any forms from list,fill the form and save.
5.Once you save the form,the name of form will appear in Patient summary page -> Transactions.

Hope this may help you.




This was very helpful, thanks a lot


Thanks @visolveemr!
I also see that existing Transaction LBTs can be edited as one would edit any normal LBF, by going to the layout list from the main menu: Administration -> Layouts and select the desired form from the Transactions section of the ‘Edit Layout’ dropdown.


Or you can make your own Transaction LBT form by clicking the ‘New Layout’ button (oval in previous pic)
Then, remembering to name it properly…

…fill out the properties (most were not done for this example) and specify the ‘Category’ as ‘Transactions’
This is a free- text field so be careful to spell this correctly as ‘TransactionS’, plural. (oval below)

An odd thing is that when I made this sample I wrote the Title as 'LBTTesting New LBT but when saved the ‘LBT’ prefix is removed.

When saved it will appear as a Transactions LBT in that section of the list.

Addendum: ViSolve, can you describe how to delete a LBT/LBF form? I’d like to take this example out of my demo system!



The LBF/LBT forms can be inactivated by using following steps:
1.Navigate to Administration -> Layouts and select the form that you need to delete.
2.Click on Layout properties button a form will popup.
3. Uncheck Active checkbox and save the form this will disable the LBF/LBT forms.

Hope this may help you.



So LBV forms may be inactivated but not deleted since they may contain clinical data.
Thanks v much!

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