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jdsnyder22 wrote on Tuesday, March 08, 2016:


I have created a variety of forms on my wordpress cms patient portal and the corresponding forms in my OpenEMR. I have been able to succesfully import all patient portal sumbission into that little pop up window (the pop window that is produced when you click on “CMS portal” and then “Date/Time.”
I have also been succesful at transfering the data in the little CMS pop up window into the corresponding areas within the patient’s chart (“Demographics” and “History” for example).
However, with the patient portal LBV forms, I have not been able to succesfully transfer the data from that initial pop up window into a corresponding LBV form within the OpenEMR patients chart. I am able to succefully see all the submitted patient portal responses in that intial CMS pop up, I just can’t seem to get it into the corresponding LBV form for that day’s encounter.

From within the patient’s chart, I can click on Layout Based, choose and the correct form, but I still have to fill it out.

When the patient submits a layout based form from the patient portal, and then I click on the CMS portal request to pull it into the OpenEMR, should it automatically create and be transferred into the corresponding LBV Form for that visit?

Not sure where I’m going wrong.

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fsgl wrote on Wednesday, March 09, 2016:

Most specialists will create a new LBV form for their H & P, especially if nothing is available from the list of contributed forms.

It would not make sense to have the patient supply data for the PE.

Laundry lists of symptoms for patients to check off have become popular, but they are no substitute for a careful gathering of facts into a coherent whole by pertinent questions throughout the history taking process.

The way a History is assembled goes to the heart of a legal concept known as the Standard of Care. It is a set of norms most physicians adhere to, while caring for their patients. If malpractice is alleged & there has been a serious departure from the Standard of Care; defense counsel will have an insurmountable obstacle, resulting in the case being decided in favor of the plaintiff.

Perhaps the OP is not talking about the H & P, but merely demographic data for the patient. If he is alluding to the History portion of the H & P, or something similar; please be aware of the medical-legal ramifica -tions.

One can allow a patient free range in OpenEMR with the native Patient Portal; thus there will be no concerns about automatic transfer of data supplied by the patient.

Bear in mind that the CMS Portal was created to help safeguard the confidentiality of your medical records. No reason to go through all the hassle, if privacy & security are not top priorities.

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sunsetsystems wrote on Saturday, March 12, 2016:

Hi John,

There was a fix for LBF portal support that I put into the code base master branch on Feb. 15. Related discussion here.

The fix: Fix for failure to import CMS portal data when LBF form is opened. · openemr/openemr@a30a03e · GitHub

Could also be issues if Ninja Forms database structure has changed. Contact me if you want me to help.


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Can you pls explain how to have openemr import from Ninja. I have the wordpress site up and running Ninja forms downloaded and installed but how do pts register and where do the forms go?