LBF forms not being saved

(Clif Caldwell) #1

I’ve created a few LBF forms. When we use them the title comes up in the visit history but the rest of the note is not there. If I attempt to go in and edit the form the correct form is there to edit however no data that was previously entered it there. The form uses NationNotes in a pseudo-SOAP note format.

OpenEMR Version
Version 5.0

Chrome but it appears to happen in Firefox also

Operating System
Linux Mint, and Windows 10 also.

Will check the logs. Have not done so yet.


(Atif Mian) #2

i am having the same problem I wonder if anyone found the solution

(Clif Caldwell) #3

I have not seen a remedy yet. If you figure it out please let me know.
Clif Caldwell